To view a map of each division, listing all locations covered in these volumes, click one of the links provided below. These maps are reproductions of the inside covers of the books. Note that to aid readability these images are saved as PDF files and are quite large.

The Divisions - Volume 1

Volume 1 covers the Southern Pacific's Coast and Western Divisions, together with the associated branches.

The Coast Division (137KB PDF File)
The Western Division (152KB PDF File)

Thyle Thyle, on the Coast
Division, at Mile Post
240.0 in 1950

Photo: Whittaker


The Divisions - Volume 2

Volume 2 covers the Southern Pacific's Sacramento, Shasta, San Joaquin and Los Angeles Divisions, together with all of the associated branches.

The Sacramento and Shasta Divisions (631KB PDF File)
The San Joaquin and Los Angeles Divisions (681KB PDF File)

Elvas Tower Elvas Tower, on the
Sacramento Subdivision,
at Mile Post 91.8 in 1940

Photo: Phelps